Derech HaAtsma'ut 39, Haifa, Israel

  • Adham Ghazali
  • Majed Jubeh
What We Do?

Imagry is an artificial/visual intelligence company developing an image recognition engine and a multi-object video detector that can identify items in real time. Employing advance machine learning techniques, Imagry has scaled up image recognition while keeping the need for computational resources very low.

Industry / Domain

Imagry is solving embedded visual intelligence, which is understanding images from mobile and embedded devices. Smart cameras, particularity vision enabled, are crucial enabling elements of today’s autonomous machines, and mobile computer vision applications can only be possible at the edge device, running right behind the cameras recording the input. Due to the emergence of very powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient processors, it has become possible to incorporate practical computer vision capabilities into embedded systems, mobile devices, PCs, and the cloud. Over the next few years, there will be a rapid proliferation of embedded vision technology into many kinds of systems.