Nurami Medical

Ha-Namal St 36, Haifa, Israel

  • Doron Birger, Active COB
  • Hannoch Marksheid, CEO
  • Nora Nseir, CTO, Co-Founder, Biomedical Engineer (M.Sc.)
  • Dr. Amir Bahar, COO, Co-Founder (Ph.D.)
  • Nizar Mishael, CFO (CPA & MBA)
What We Do?

Nurami Medical is a medical device company with a revolutionary proprietary nanofiber and sealant technology for the soft tissue repair market worth over $10 billion globally. With its capability of producing highly flexible and durable patches that seal undesired leakages and enhance tissue regeneration, Nurami is positioned at the forefront of next-generation surgery. Nurami’s first soft tissue repair product is a dural substitute patch for neurosurgery.

Industry / Domain

The currently used collagen dural substitutes are mechanically weak, seal poorly and have high cost ($800/patch in US). Nurami addresses the Dural repair market with ~800K units sold annually, and estimated $900 million sales in 2016 (with 15% growth/year in the Chinese market).