Khorev St 13, Haifa, Israel

  • Gregory Shuster, CEO and Founder (PhD)
  • Nadav Bachar, CTO
  • Prof. Wieland Voigt, Chief Medical Adviser (MD)
  • Prof. Felix JF Herth, Medical Adviser (MD)
  • Shlomo Nachmani, QA/RA Manager
What We Do?

NanoVation-GS develops and integrates nanomaterial-based sensors formedical applications and general purposes. Itis currently developing a nano-based sensor that screens patients’ breath tomonitor their vitals. The productis aimed at early detection of diseases and prevention of patient deterioration. NanoVation-GS’s core IP is based on nano-technological advances developed in the laboratory of Nano Material Based Devices, ledby Prof. Hossam Haick of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Industry / Domain

NanoVation is a medical device company developing a new respiratory monitoring technology and products to remotely monitor patients' breathing and lung function. The SenseGuard is a wireless wearable medical device intended for remote continuous monitoring of patients' breathing at homes and in hospitals. NanoVation's nano-based respiration sensors allow users to seamlessly monitor patients' normal (tidal) breathing, whether at rest or during daily activities, and to extract critical respiratory parameters.