Sderot Ben Gurion 2, Haifa, Israel

  • Dr. Alejandro Dussan, CEO (M.D.)
  • Rami Shacour, Co-Founder, VP Biz-Dev (LL.M.)
  • Mirit Nachmani, CFO (CPA, MBA)
  • Ehab Shakour, Co-Founder, CTO (Electrical Engineer & LL.B.)
  • Yousef Badran, Co-Founder, VP R&D (B.Sc.)
What We Do?

Inno Sphere is developing an innovative wearable medical device for treating ADHD, offering hope for long-term improvement in the quality of life of patients, with no side effects. Currently, pharmaceutical drugs, such as Adderall and Ritalin, are the only effective solution available for treating ADHD. These drugs are associated with adverse side-effects such as depression, headaches, sleep difficulty and even increased blood pressure. Additionally, the drugs attempt to provide a generic treatment for all ADHD conditions, and do not consider the severity of the different symptoms in each patient.

Industry / Domain

In the US alone, approximately 6.4 Million children suffer from ADHD. Treatment of this disorder is associated with a huge economic burden of more than $38 Billion annually. The amount spent on ADHD medications yearly is $13.5 Billion, and it’s expected to grow.