Haifa, Israel

  • Albeir Salman, Co-Founder & CEO
What We Do?

Ruya, meaning 'vision' in Arabic, defines our passion toward an advanced visual-based future and sets a journey aimed to ease access for the worlds of digital and physical through one hybrid dimension. Our journey began at an earlier startup, when we first met and shared dual passion for multiple technologies of augmented reality, machine learning-AI , positioning systems and more. After gaining experience and knowledge about the tech and "ecosystem", what is between and beyond, we decided to shut the activity, take a breath and restart a new, better and more professional synced path to fulfil our vision! with Ruya.

Industry / Domain

Ruya is an emerging technology company creating Visual Intelligence, made to disrupt how we manage through indoor spaces, colliding the dimensions of physical and digital by aggregating augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning. It is not a secret that finding our way or other need through great scale indoors, such as malls, airports, mega stores…etc, is challenging and even a struggle for most. as given solutions demand reach, early setup or infrastructure pre-installation, dragging costs, maintenance and effort, Ruya avoid and bypass all of these manners with seamless “infrastructure” enabling an assortment of spaces to engage, impress and socialise, offering capability to orientate and navigate accurately enhancing individual’s personal experience by focusing on accessibility and convenience while driving business value through a continuous loop between stages to convey the user by providing need.