HaTnufa St 4, Petah Tikva, Israel

  • Ran Tzachar, Director
  • Ohad Ben-Haim, Machine Learning Engineer
  • Maayan Rotem, Advisory Board Member
  • Basel Deeb, Data scientist, Managing Partner
What We Do?

AlgoTrace automatic prediction engine enables the creation of accurate and stable prediction solutions based on an automatic model builder. Fast, accurate and stable. AlgoTrace analyse datasets of all sizes. AlgoTrace feel comfortable with data sets of a few hundred rows as well as datasets with millions of rows and thousands of features. AlgoTrace team of seasoned data scientists delivers a super accurate prediction model for a variety of needs. AlgoTrace operate globally, on demand.

Industry / Domain

ALGOTRACE provides the tools data analysts and data scientists need to simplify and accelerate prediction modeling processes. AlgoTrace software tool helps organizations to take the right decisions based on clear inputs that are based on facts and patterns discovered by our prediction engine. AlgoTrace’s engine uses automated top-notch technology to parallel processing hundreds of features and millions of rows without the need for human Intervention. The prediction results are the best-of-breed, selected from all available options made by the best classification and estimation algorithms available in the prediction engine. The winning model can be inserted into a production environment as a script or It can be fed with new data as it comes directly to prediction engine.