Nazareth, Israel

  • Ran Finkelstein, CEO
  • Firas Matar, VP Product
What We Do?

Shield34 provide an AI-based solution for Selenium coders who want to keep using Selenium while enjoying stability, deep analysis and much shorter test runs.

Industry / Domain

Shield34 optimize existing tests or start new projects with a ready-to-use framework and zero overhead. No migrations, wiring tools or alike. Smarter Selenium Java, Python and other languages coming soon. Finally, a friendly Selenium webdriver! Flaky tests are a huge pain! Shield34 adds defense-and-recovery algorithms to every Selenium command, eliminating false positive results, driving self-healing, maintenance-free testing. Using AI algorithms, Shield34 is automatically pinpointing the root cause of every test failure – reducing the overhead of debugging and reproducing tests issues. Wiring tools together when formalizing a framework can be very challenging. Shield34 stops the overhead and provides automated reports insights and alerts, including steps, screenshots, APIs, HTML changes & more.