Derech HaAtsma'ut 39, Haifa, Israel

  • Dr. Basila Kattouf
What We Do?

NanoFine is revolutionizing gold-plating technologies for the jewelry industry. NanoFine are replacing toxic and expensive gold-plating technologies with green and much cheaper one. NanoFine innovative solutions is patent-protected.

Industry / Domain

Yellow gold jewelry articles are composed of an alloy containing several metals such as: gold, silver, copper, zinc. Such alloying is required to obtain reasonable mechanical properties and hereby mechanical stability. However, alloying with non-gold elements results in shifting the alloy color and appearance from the original pure gold color and hence obtaining pale-yellow colors in low-karat jewelry. ​ Commercially available master alloys are used to alloy the gold to get karat gold alloys usually in the range between 22K and 9K. The color shift from pure gold color depends on the karat and on the master alloy composition. Therefore, one can obtain same karat alloy in two (or more) different colors, using different master alloys. ​ Up to date, no master alloy can provide pure gold color or similar.