Seismic AI

Haifa, Israel

  • Dr. Habib J. Nasser President
  • Amir Diner, CEO
  • Benny Sasson, CTO
  • Prof. Alon Ziv, Chief Scientist
  • Maj.-Gen. Eyal Eizenberg, Board Member
What We Do?

Seismic AI presents the first residential sensor and software platform that sends early alerts to cell phones before an earthquake hits. SeismicAI’s consumer-driven solution deploys the latest IoT technologies, allowing its platform to connect to numerous mobile devices.

Industry / Domain

SeismicAI offers a regional earthquake early-warning system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that is robust, reliable, and cost effective. Its network of sensors can detect coming earthquakes quickly and accurately, leveraging years of seismological research and a cloud-based infrastructure.