Shefa-'Amr, Israel

  • Prof. Isam Sabbah, Founder
  • Gilad Horn, CEO
What We Do?

AgRobics has developed a biogas-generating wastewater treatment system. The company’s system can operate under punishing conditions, from the exceptionally high organic loads and toxins prevalent in agroindustrial effluents (e.g. the olive mill industry) to the fats, oils, and salts from dairy factories. AgRobics’ technology consists of polymeric modification of the immobilized cells using low-cost additives and materials. These additives significantly increase the stability, surface area, and capacity for a high density of cells, strengthening physical protection for the microorganisms.

Industry / Domain

AgRobics Founded in 2009 by Prof. Isam Sabbah, an experienced researcher in the field of wastewater treatment, AgRobics is an Israeli start-up company that has developed an innovative technology for treatment of agro-industrial wastewater with high organic loading rates.