Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

  • Aziz W. Kaddan
  • Anas Abu Mukh
What We Do?

Myndlift provides a drug-free ADHD therapy using a special headband that can record brain-wave activity and translate it into a mobile game. This interactive and easily accessible solution teaches users to regulate their brain activity via neurofeedback, leading to a higher attention level..

Industry / Domain

Myndlift was born in 2014 with the vision of creating an accessible home neurofeedback platform. Our diverse team of scientists, engineers, and designers are committed to make convenient and reliable home neurofeedback a reality for people around the world. Myndlift has been widely recognized for its significant impact and was listed as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Health and Wellness for 2018, and is backed by clinical partners such as Miami Children’s Hospital.